Design change soon

I’ll be working to get a new theme for the site going but one that was used in the past that works well. Just will be up soon as tonight after 10pm EST. I will also be working to restore links and will be looking to increase more links as well.

Recent update

As you have noticed that I won’t be able to completely gather all the posts from last time. I am working on what I can but I will be also working to go forward with things by getting new posts and links going once I have things in place, but for now it will be a little bit tho.

If you wish to have more information sent to you, please send an email to and I will reply back ASAP as I will be keeping an eye out for those interested in keeping up on things with with the blog.

Also will be working on social media links as well, a new design and hopefully more features as time goes on but will be working to see about getting more things going so that the blog is a place to visit daily if not more than once a day.

The Dudley Shop Owner

Older posts

Due to the limitations that the websites that have our older posts that you can tell aren’t on here. I will copy what I can and get it posted on here, but it will be limited since I am not able to get the full information like before. I do extremely apologize to those owners but I am working to get as much as I can going again tho for you fully. If you or anyone has a copy, please send an email to and I work to get it posted ASAP. I want The Dudley Shop to be fully back up and running like it was years ago before the domain died and got stolen away.

Thanks again for those did enjoy the posts and all the people who commented. Please comment but please do it respectively though first before spamming with your link(s) again. They will be moderated, edited and worse even deleted if I feel that you didn’t even bother to try to make it seem like you were trying.

Host Rating

Host rating? What comes to mind when you see those two words together, certain not a host at a restaurant or family dinner. No, this is a site about hosting companies and what their rating is with customer satisfaction, ranking over other companies with their previous customer, or even current customers. It definitely is like your typical site either, its not loaded with a bunch of advertisements where you get lost trying to find the ranking sites, and the ratings for them. One thing i can say about this site is that is very well organized, very easy on the sites and in a simple fashion, clean. It has ten hosts who are ranked by their customer satisfaction, as well a nice clean visible rotating background as you go down.

Overall i think this site will definitely by one that i will continue review from time to time to see if maybe i can get on it. is a good name for a site who plans to have reviews, rating, ranking system of the big top dollar companies like hostgator, lunarpages to just name a few. If you think this site is going to have a lot of affiliate links and ads all over, guess what your wrong.

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