TDS News

Week goals

This week will be getting the following completed.

– More posts on certain updates
– More features, i.e do follow links
– Setup advertising blocks
– Setup payment for advertising blocks
– Possibly add live chat

TDS Review Site
– Post more website reviews
– Create logo for review site
– Setup advertising blocks
– Setup marketing information

TDS Site
– Post information regarding critical information
– Generate content of topics in various categories
– Generate logo

Those are just what is currently on the list that needs to be done and there will be more as we see fit. If we feel that there is something else to share or post about, then we will make it available.

The Dudley Shop

The Dudley Shop is about sharing information, selling blog posts, website reviews, and more information. TDS was created in 2008, been dropped but now is back, better and stronger than ever. We have The Dudley for revews, The Dudley for insightful information.

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