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YouTube Policy changes

As of Jan 16th, 17th YouTube aka Google has been sending emails to people about how they will have to basically bust ass to make money with getting the monetize feature enabled. They changed the number of subscribers and amount of time required viewed in order to get the monetize going. They increased it to 1,000 (1K) for subscribers and now you need 4,000 (4K) viewer hours. Which from what I recall seeing it was just being 10,000 (10K) in views and 1,000 (1K) subscribers. Now since we have brought this blog back, we will be working to build the YouTube channel for The Dudley Shop aka TDS on YouTube with various things like what we encounter and maybe even do website review videos as well. That idea is still going to be something that will be put into a beta stage at this point, but something to consider though.

With that being said, I hope this helps those like myself that love to enjoy things on YouTube will be able to take this bit of information and really start push them to lower it back down to something more reasonable.


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The Dudley Shop is about sharing information, selling blog posts, website reviews, and more information. TDS was created in 2008, been dropped but now is back, better and stronger than ever. We have The Dudley for revews, The Dudley for insightful information.

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