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I don’t know how many people are familiar with this company but honestly I am quite disappointed with them. I and so is my wife are gamers, we game hardcore on our PS4 and when possible we live stream on our gaming channel. Well I have had at times that it was getting the notice of “Your internet connection is not sufficient enough to broadcast gameplay” since getting the service setup about a month ago. I have to keep rebooting the modem almost 4 times or more a week.

I don’t think I have dealt with more trouble than this company ever. I mean you offer 100/10 and yet you speak about gaming and live streaming plus have 5 devices and 2 devices are going to be hard wired in but then have the rest on wifi but even so it isn’t enough for people like me who are always on the internet. Nothing like spending about 30 minutes on the phone with tech support only to be stuck, not the person who didn’t do his job but the system having issues even with BRAND new lines installed. I mean they did it from the pole to the house and along the side of the house too.

I know this seems like a rant but this is how I review companies since the fact I am not just an average Joe, but I am a tech savvy person whose good with technology yet they always assume most customers aren’t smart at all until you advise them then you get a little bit more information. Well we have an appointment for 1/21/2018 between 3-4pm to get the 50% upload speed issue resolved, hopefully being the major keyword.

Well I will post an update once they have been here to let everyone know what was the issue and how they resolved it but then if not it will be getting switched to either Business Spectrum service or worse case we just get rid them and go back to Frontier Business and have 300/300 for sure so there isn’t an issue.


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