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After tech appointment

So here is the update about how the tech appointment. Basically he came and ran some tests on the modem line inside next to me. Those looked I guess good or decent, then he went to box outside and ran the test again but this time he could see the issues. Yes I had said issues as there are two channels that are showing as elevated and it’s causing issues with our internet service.

Since the issue has been identified and it appears that since the issue with the main line coming to the house location, it wouldn’t be something that the tech could help at this point. He said “I’ll have to email our maintenance department about it” which means another guy has to come out with a bucket truck and will need to repair it. Alright sounds like that is a simple thing but hopefully they can resolve it quickly and then maybe we can enjoy our good upload speed that we are suppose to have and be stable instead of issues on the upload speed.

Once that has been replaced then hopefully we can start doing some things like live streaming and also doing some solid videos about the website, information about us or just somethings that we feel that we should share with everyone. Well another update will come once the guy has gotten here to replace the main hub/box/module that is the cause of the issues.


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