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So we posted about having the job interview. Well I heard this Wednesday that I got the job, been filling out forms and also been getting everything completed so I can get working. Lots of paperwork more than I had thought but well going to well worth it. In Tampa at the moment to get the fingerprint part done and then Monday is doing the drug test which I’ll pass without an issue as nothing is used. Can’t wait, it will be great to have a badge for the job.

So your wondering what it is that I am doing? Well I am doing IT tech support for Chase Bank in Tampa. I will be doing roughly four to six weeks of training then it will be on to the big things, hard work. I know that it will be about hard work and good results which is what I am about so I will have to push myself to really show them it was a good idea.

I will keep posting updates as things are available for updating about and worth posting otherwise I will skip the small things unless someone wants all the updates as they happen.

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