Month: February 2018

  • Server moved

    Since the last time we have posted there has been some major changes, one of them being that we have switched servers and we aren’t hosted with InMotion anymore and we are now hosted with This server isn’t a VPS that we had before with InMotion (which wasn’t all that great) unlike this dedicated server with I’ll do the comparison of what we had before to what we have now, then anyone can…

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  • Work day

    Alright, so today is Feb 5th and I, Nick am starting my new job today. I’ll be doing IT work as tech support, not for myself but but for a company named JP Morgan Chase. It won’t be in an actual bank, it will be in a call center here in Tampa, Fl. It was all thanks to Anchit Kukreja from “The Judge Group” for contacting me and working with me on getting this. He…

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  • Softaculous Upgraded

    DCTS Solutions has been upgraded with the now Premium version of Softaculous to provide automated updating and also 1 click installing. This means you have an assortment of things you can work, build or even improve upon while working on a personal project or even a customers project. There were scripts/software that was outdated and to ensure we keep the server(s) secure we have removed them to ensure your account isn’t at risk. We also…

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