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Alright, so today is Feb 5th and I, Nick am starting my new job today. I’ll be doing IT work as tech support, not for myself but but for a company named JP Morgan Chase. It won’t be in an actual bank, it will be in a call center here in Tampa, Fl.

It was all thanks to Anchit Kukreja from “The Judge Group” for contacting me and working with me on getting this. He has been great and I would recommend anyone needing a job to contact him. I’ll post his contact information for all to use and just then I’ll be sure to have him know you got it from me.

The training hours will be 10am to 6:30pm during the week for what I’ve heard, will confirm but still long hours yet doing what I’m great at.

Again thanks to Anchit, this won’t be possible nor will the company be able to grow as it is planned to become in the months to come. I’ll post more later but that is the biggest thing for now but will post as things are happening.

Here is Anchit information to contact him to see about getting work.

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