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Server moved

Since the last time we have posted there has been some major changes, one of them being that we have switched servers and we aren’t hosted with InMotion anymore and we are now hosted with Tier.net. This server isn’t a VPS that we had before with InMotion (which wasn’t all that great) unlike this dedicated server with Tier.net

I’ll do the comparison of what we had before to what we have now, then anyone can see that it was much needed.

Old Server specs:

SSD: 260GB
Bandwidth: 6TB

cons: always was restarting, unable to add more bandwidth or SSD space, or RAM. Limitations to what is listed.
Also was located on the west coast where im on the east coast in Florida. slight delay on everything for loading but still was decent on speed. Business WHMCS was showing SSL of 3rd party not installed fully on server.
Costs $75/mo

New Server Specs:

SSD: 2 x 250GB
HDD: 2TB for backups
Bandwidth: 10TB (1GB port speed)

Pros: not limited to the VPS system, standalone server and full resources available. Business WHMCS shows SSL actually being installed. Much more customizing of each PHP version and functional support on all settings. Centralized in Dallas, TX.

Cons: don’t have enough of these in more locations that are available like Charlotte, NC, Latham, NY and Bend, OR.
Costs $132/mo

Overall this is well worth the price difference since we can do backups and also be able to keep things like this blog going so you can enjoy the posts and information shared.

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