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March update

So this will be setup to be published in March but here is what has happened since the last update. Things with work failed, but still have gotten the server covered until April but in the mean time will have definitely a daily routine to look for more work.

However other than that things are squared away very well. New server specs are as follows:

PORT SPEED 1Gbps (Free)
OPERATING SYSTEM CentOS 7.x 64-Bit (Preferred)
CONTROL PANEL cPanel/WHM – Unlimited Domains (Linux Only)
3RD DRIVE 2TB SATA (backups)
YOUR DATACENTER Carrier-1 / Psychz – Dallas, TX

Honestly have to say that is much better and fully functional when it comes to ensuring that it’s a beast of power. Not only has it transferred the sites in a matter of minutes, but it also was able to get the backup process done in about 20mins as well which is great. The previous server/VPS we had from InMotion was absolutely a joke, but your wondering why I am saying this tho.

Well let me break it down for you as to why it was a joke, our main business DCTS Solutions has WHMCS installed on a subdomain and when you view the status of the system it was showing the SSL wasn’t installed, yet the SSL was installed and showing as valid, but WHMCS still was saying it wasn’t working properly. Now once I switched and updated the domain, I checked my WHMCS and see the SSL issue is gone! So yeah that means the VPS has to much going on with it to be setup as a proper server.

Also since I have a dedicated server, I can add or remove things as need be unlike InMotion where your set with what’s there unless it’s a dedicated server which doesn’t help people at all. Anyways, sorry about the delay on doing an update but had a lot going on and working on a child company that will be for anyone who needs cheap but reliable hosting as well.

It’s Called “Your My Host” which can be viewed at Your My Host website and it has everything basically done but a few things but going to be working on making it complete by the time this post goes live but hopefully you guys like it and will share it or maybe sign up and enjoy good hosting.

Sorry about the long time span between posts. More to come!

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