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March update

So it’s been already 15 days since the beginning of the month. Been a while, well biggest thing we have going on is that we are working to redo our hosting site DCTS Solutions, which we also have a new domain to handle both support and then a subdomain to handle the billing. Going forward we will have tickets for support if we aren’t available on live chat to assist people.

We are also working to make everything mobile friendly as well since that is how most people generally view things. I mean even using Facebook to browse links as well, which is why we are definitely why we are focusing on giving as much as possible support to all mobile viewers.

Anyways, once the design is completed and looks proper then we will work to make sure that it’s going to be released this week so that we share it with everyone. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available along with the major update to the hosting company and others.

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