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Starting Monday

Starting Monday Nick Dudley, a founder and writer for this wonderful website will be starting a job in Clearwater. The days will be long but well worth it in the end when looking at the paycheck. The time to get there and back maybe long but it’s for the best. Job is doing customer service and some tech support, making sure things are running smoothly from the time of arrival to the time of leaving.

With this new position, there will be things like upgrades of personal luxuries after bills are paid. As for DCTS Solutions, it means the server will stay running up and smoothly, kept in proper condition and ensured that all things are going to be around for a much longer time. They will also be doing since there is a becoming a high demand for the location of India or towards the east for a server location, they have begun looking and are working to find a suitable server company.

Once a company has been thoroughly viewed and come with a good server within reason on pricing is locked then, it will be a matter of getting a website up and running to handle all accounts to be generated per each purchase after payment has been made. With that being said, it will be a matter of getting payment systems in place to handle the difference currencies.

So Monday will be a huge start of a good forward looking towards the founder and his wife. Same goes for The Dudley Shop (TDS) and DCTS Solutions as well plus the future of expansion as well.

Hope you guys stay with us and let us know if you have any questions.

The Dudley Shop

The Dudley Shop is about sharing information, selling blog posts, website reviews, and more information. TDS was created in 2008, been dropped but now is back, better and stronger than ever. We have The Dudley for revews, The Dudley for insightful information.

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