The Dudley Shop

The Dudley Shop is about sharing information, selling blog posts, website reviews, and more information. TDS was created in 2008, been dropped but now is back, better and stronger than ever. We have The Dudley for revews, The Dudley for insightful information.
  • dcts network domain purchased

    We have purchased the domain which will have a website shortly and will display our companies that we own and manage. If you wish to be listed as a company that is part of our network then please let us know and we can work out the details and agreement. Please note that we working the very hardest to get a website up and running on it and also working on this site plus…

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  • How things will work

    We have the following things in place to ensure you understand what we are doing. Website: The Dudley Function: Main website for all base of things Website: The Dudley Function: Will give what other details are needed Website: The Dudley Function: Handles displaying all reviews, websites, etc.

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  • Back again!

    Yes that’s correct. As you can see we are back, however this time it will be something that won’t be given up so easily and forgotten about. It won’t turn into a Chinese website and filled with spam. This time it will bee something that won’t be just another blog site as WordPress puts it. This time around, The Dudley Shop and it’s quality will be much higher and much more richer. This time, we…

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  • Welcome to The Dudley

    Welcome to The Dudley! We the owners would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our Blog, and having a look around. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us about getting your company posted here with any amount of links back to your site. Other than that, please enjoy!

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